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There is never a bad time to teach your kids water safety skills so they are prepared anytime they’re around water. When children know the rules about water safety, they are far less likely to get hurt when they’re around any body of water, big or small. It’s a valuable lesson anytime of year. 

We’ve put together some safety tips for you to use to make sure your child understands water safety.

Swim Safety Tips for Adults with Kids:

Teach your children to seek adult permission.

Teach your children to never play in or near water without an adult’s permission and supervision.

Young children can drown in a very small amount of water, so it’s important that they know not to play in water on their own. Older children should be taught never to swim alone (a safety tip for adults, too), and to get out of the pool if they can hear thunder. 

Secure the area.

Keep pool gates locked, and put away all pool toys as soon as swimming time is over. You don’t want your child to be tempted to go into the pool, lake, or bathtub alone to play with a favorite pool toy unsupervised.

Sign up for swim lessons.

Enrolling your children in kids’ swim lessons will help them to learn how to float, tread water, and quickly and effectively move in water. Swim lessons also teach children essential safety skills, and positions them better to survive if something goes wrong when they are in the water.

Make sure they understand safety signs.

Rules are usually posted at a pool, even if a lifeguard is not on duty. Additionally, most public places have safety signs such as the “no diving” sign. Teach your children to interpret these visual signs and symbols, and also be sure everyone knows not to dive or jump into shallow water.

Bring safety gear.

Instruct your children to wear life vests when playing on or near water, including while boating. If your children are not swimming, they should be wearing safety gear.

Arm floaties and other pool toys do not count as safety gear, and your children should not have to rely on floats. When it comes to gaining confidence in the water and learning to be a strong swimmer, there is no substitute for comprehensive kids’ swim lessons.

Teach kids to be careful around water.

Teach kids not to run, push, or engage in horseplay in and around the pool. They need to understand that injuries at the pool can be far more serious than at a grassy playground, and therefore they should not behave the same way they do at the playground.

Swim Safety at Penfield.

At Penfield Fitness, our Parent/Child, Toddler, and American Red Cross swim lessons will prepare your children for a lifetime of swimming skills.

Our 30-minute lessons are offered year-round in our 89-degree, salt water pool, and our certified staff are well-versed in safety and love to pass on their knowledge to your children.

Learn more about our learn-to-swim program and to contact us about which kids’ swim lessons are the best fit for your family.