When you hear the term “Boot Camp,” you may feel intimidated. Don’t be scared! While a fitness boot camp is no cakewalk, it can benefit people of all fitness levels. If you’re nervous about the unknown, here are 11 things you can do to set your mind at ease.

1.) Get Comfortable

No special clothing is necessary for a fitness boot camp. It’s hard work, so wear whatever makes you feel good.

2.) Eat Before

It’s important to eat something an hour before your session. If you skip eating, it may leave you feeling a bit queasy during your workout.

3.) Wear Supportive Shoes

While normal sneakers may be comfortable, make sure to wear good training shoes. These will provide proper support for your feet and ankles to help prevent injury.

4.) Remember To Hydrate

Everyone knows it’s important to bring a water bottle, but don’t forget to drink up before your session. Fitness boot camps are intense, and you never know when you’ll get a water break!

5.) Arrive Early

Show up about 15 minutes before class. This will allow you to get used to your surroundings and give you a chance to meet fellow classmates.

6.) Introduce Yourself

Find your instructors before the workout and introduce yourself. Let them know it’s your first time joining a fitness boot camp so they can give you a little extra attention.

7.) Do Research

Do some research on your fitness camp ahead of time. You’ll have a better idea of what exercises you may be doing so that you can be mentally prepared.

8.) Be Prepared To Feel Goofy

You’ll likely do many unfamiliar moves that may feel strange to your body. You’ll probably feel silly doing some of these, but try to ignore that feeling and keep going!

9.) Focus on Yourself

It’s normal to feel self-conscious during your first class. However, everyone else will be way too focused on themselves to watch you.

10.) Listen To Your Body

Make sure you pay attention to how you’re feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, you need to stop. Don’t overdo it and hurt yourself.

11.) Push Yourself

While you should stop if something is wrong, don’t be lazy! Work hard so you can be proud of yourself after class.


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Hopefully any anxiety you may have had over joining a fitness boot camp class has disappeared. Now that you know what to expect, you can walk into your first class ready to work up a sweat and have a good time. So what are you waiting for? At Penfield Fitness, we have several fitness boot camps each week, including an Aqua Boot Camp. Whether you’re free mornings or evenings, we have a time that is sure to work for you. Check out our schedule and request a free workout!