Regular exercise is recommended for everyone, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to push yourself, or even get to the gym. Here are 6 tips on how to find the motivation to work out when you don’t feel like it.

1. Just Get Dressed

Even if you don’t feel like working out, get dressed in your workout clothes! It’s a small first step, but it puts you in the mindset of heading to the gym. Keep your gym clothes keep [Pro Tip: Make it easy for yourself to get ready! It’s not uncommon for new gym-goers to sleep in their gym clothes and put their shoes right next to the bed if they want to train in the morning ☀️  Sounds strange, but it works.]

2. Plan Your Routine Before You Go

Half the battle of working out is getting yourself to the gym, the other half is motivating yourself to work out while you’re there!

Take a few minutes beforehand to plan your workout. Once you get to the gym, you can go on autopilot and put all your energy towards having a great session.  [Pro Tip: Get a small notebook and write down your routine before you go. Because you’ll notice your focus and cognition drop during your workout as your body focuses it’s resources on your muscles, having a checklist handy will keep you focused on your goals.]

3. Bring A Friend

Not only does a friend make working out more fun, they can help keep you accountable! You’ll be less likely to skip on the gym if you know someone is there waiting for you.

4. Create A Killer Playlist

Some people like to get pumped up, some people like to zone out. Find the music genre that best suits your workout and create a playlist to keep you going, even if your body feels like giving up.

5. Have A Goal In Mind

What’s your reason for going to the gym in the first place? Create a specific and measurable goal that you can track your progress against. Put it everywhere – on your mirror in the morning, as a background on your phone, on your desk – so you’re likely to see it throughout the day and remember why you started your fitness journey in the first place.

6. Use Pre Workout

Bodybuilders swear by this stuff because it gives them a surge of focus, energy, and commitment during their workout. Especially if you feel tired, sluggish, or even lazy during exercise, pre workout may give you the boost you are looking for. [Pro Tip: Be careful of which type of pre workout you choose. Educate yourself on the ingredients. Some people will tell you their faces feel “tingly” or feel jittery if they take too much.]