Have you been curious about barre class but don’t know what to expect? This fitness trend combines aspects of ballet technique, yoga, and Pilates for a workout that tones your core and kicks your butt.  

Barre class delivers strength, flexibility, and even a bit of cardio for a total body workout that can deliver real results. Barre has developed a following, but you should not feel intimidated about giving it a try.

Take a look at five things you should know about barre to prepare for your first class!  

1.) Feel the burn.

Barre class is not about big, over-the-top movements like those in some aerobics classes. Instead, the class takes you through a series of exercises to target your legs, arms, and core.

The focus is on small, repetitive movements that fatigue the muscle. Some of the subtle movements may be unlike your typical workout, and you may feel sore in places you didn’t know you had.

2.) Mix it up.

Barre class should not replace your current exercise routine. While it does offer some cardio benefits, it may not offer you the amount you need to stay fit.

It can, however, enhance your fitness regimen with flexibility and strength training. Try to incorporate it into your weekly workouts, aiming for two or three times a week with a day of rest or cardio in between classes.

3.) Look the part.

You don’t need to wear a leotard or tights to barre, but form-fitting clothing that allows for free movement is a great choice. Your instructor can check for proper alignment and adjust your position as necessary if he or she can see your body.

You probably won’t need shoes, but you may want to get grippy socks to prevent slipping or bare your soles.

4.) Hit the mat.

You should invest in a mat to take with you to class; a yoga or Pilates mat can do double-duty for barre. Any other equipment, such as small hand weights, elastic bands, or small exercise balls, are available at the facility for your use.

5.) Save the date.

You may need to reserve your spot in class, especially if it is a popular time. Class size may be limited due to space, so plan ahead to be able to participate. There is nothing more frustrating than showing up for a class and being turned away because there is no more room for you.

Ready to give barre class a try?

Penfield Fitness offers Barre, a 50-minute class that can challenge and motivate you. Contact us to request a 7 day free pass so you can try barre and see what the hype is all about.