Vacation is a time to kick back and relax. However, you may be nervous about not keeping up with your fitness when you spend days or weeks away from your usual gym. Luckily, there are numerous ways to exercise no matter where you are.

1.) Take Small Chances To Work Out

Instead of taking the elevator at your hotel, use the stairs. Small changes like these may not seem like much. However, getting even a little bit of cardio will help you stay on track for your health regimen. You should also consider walking to nearby restaurants or renting bikes to reach a destination that is a bit farther away.

2.) Plan a More Active Vacation

Although you may want to spend parts of your break lounging, it can be both fun and advantageous to have at least one active adventure. For example, if the city you are staying in has a great hiking trail nearby, then schedule some time to check it out. With a more active vacation, you are bound to have some great stories to tell friends when you return.

3.) Book a Hotel With a Gym

As you look for hotels to stay at, you may want to consider staying at one with a fitness center. A lot of guests fail to take advantage of this resource, so there is a good chance you will have the gym all to yourself. It is also important to remember you do not have to engage in an intense workout. If don’t have a lot of time for exercise during your vacation, then it can still be good to carve out 30 minutes when you first wake up and head over to the center to work up a sweat.

4.) Walk at Airline Terminals

In lieu of sitting around an airport, use that downtime to walk around. Even just 20 minutes of brisk walking can help you burn over 100 calories.

5.) Savor the Rewards

Getting some exercise is a lot better than getting none. While you do not want to lose all the progress you have worked hard to attain, it is vital to rest your body and mind. When you return home, you can hit the gym with a renewed sense of vigor.

As soon as you’re back from vacation, nothing feels better than a good sweat session at your local gym! And there’s no place better to do that than Penfield Sport and Fitness. Send yourself a 7-day free pass to our gym.